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————【Human Resource Principle】————
We always advocate humanized management. Our human resource development work always adheres to the talent concept of "respecting, cultivating and achieving people". We adhere to the concept innovation and system innovation to create a "fair, just and open" atmosphere for the growth and competition of talents. We have established a mechanism of respecting, cultivating and giving full play to the potential of individuals to ensure the enterprise The perfect and harmonious unity of personal development and maximum value.



Position Age Requirements Salary
Vice General Manager

1. Bachelor degree or above, major in biochemistry, pharmaceutical and chemical engineering, fine chemistry.    
2. More than 5 years of management experience in the manufacturing industry of large and medium-sized enterprises, at least 3 years of 
experience in the production of 500 people as the deputy general manager or production manager, with rich experience in chemical raw 
material production management.    
3. Have modern enterprise leadership ability, be good at motivating subordinates, pay attention to team spirit, and have a strong sense of 
4. Strong work organization ability, long-term development acumen and analysis ability of the enterprise;    
5. Good at enterprise planning, skilled in technical purchasing and sales management system, which can bring profits and sustainable 
development to the enterprise;    
6. Proficient in ERP, PDM, Excel and strong communication skills.   
1. Assist the general manager in preparing the company's medium and long-term development plan, annual production plan and production 
objectives and central work at all stages;   
 2. Be responsible for the establishment of relevant rules and regulations, operation process and training plan for production management, 
and improve and perfect the management;    
3. Be responsible for the construction, optimization and management of the organization of the production department;    
4. Be fully responsible for the production operation and personnel management of the company's production department;    
5. Organize the establishment and improvement of production command system, prepare production plan, inspect production work and 
ensure the completion of production tasks;    
6. Constantly optimize and perfect production process, improve production efficiency, improve product quality and reduce production cost.

QC Engineer of quality inspection department 25-45
QC Engineer of quality inspection department
 1. Major in chemistry, bioengineering and biopharmaceutical, with more than 5 years' working experience after graduation from junior college;    
2. At least 3 years of quality management experience in large chemical manufacturing enterprises;    
3. Experience in biochemical product manufacturing enterprises is preferred;    
4. Have strong team building ability, good at communication, and can create a positive team atmosphere.    
1. Be responsible for the improvement of standards, inspection tools and monitoring of product quality in the production process, and 
formulate annual quality management objectives and assessment objectives.    
2. Prepare or review all inspection standards and operation procedures of the Department. Guide and supervise inspectors to carry out 
inspection correctly according to inspection standards.    
3. Be good at researching and implementing simple and effective inspection tools and methods to improve inspection efficiency.    
4. Assist the Department Manager to track and summarize the quality status of incoming inspection, process inspection and finished product inspection.    
5. Evaluate the quality problems found in the processing and production process, feed back the quality information to the relevant 
departments or suppliers, and complete the corrective and preventive measures.   
 6. Assist the Department Manager in supplier quality management, put forward clear quality requirements, formulate supplier assessment 
standards, and feed back abnormal quality information in time.    
7. Sort out the quality information fed back by customers, follow up, analyze and reply, and supervise relevant departments and production 
units to implement corrective and preventive measures.    
8. Participate in quality information exchange and communication between and within departments.    9. Be responsible for the 
identification of environmental factors and hazard sources of the post, as well as the relevant work specified by the environmental safety system
Project Engineer

1. Major in chemistry, pharmacy, bioengineering or fine chemical manufacturing;    
2. At least 3 years of technical working experience, 5 years of technical engineer working experience is preferred;    
3. Be familiar with chemical, pharmaceutical, bioengineering or fine chemical material performance and processing technology;    
4. Familiar with product technology development process    
5. Proficient in computer operation and familiar with related development software;    
Responsibilities:    I. new product development:    
1. Analyze and evaluate the feasibility, reliability and durability of new products, and clarify and solve the incomplete, vague or 
contradictory requirements.    
2. Carry out project planning according to the requirements of detailed design and development task specification, and the output of 
planning shall be based on the planning results to formulate the design and development plan.    
3. Organize relevant personnel and departments to review the design and development input to ensure that the design and development 
input meets customer requirements.    
4. Organize comprehensive and systematic review (including input review, process review and system review) at the appropriate stage of 
design and development.    
5. Formulate a detailed and feasible Gantt table, refine the work tasks of the project, and clarify the responsibilities and completion time of 
relevant personnel.    
6. Be responsible for the integrity of the design and development output list.   
 7. Review the project drawings.    
8. Track the progress of the project, report and communicate in time.    
9. Prepare the summary report of prototype trial production.    
10. Organize relevant personnel to evaluate the completed project.    
11. Establish acceptance standards for the project.    
12. Summarize and sort out the binding cost of each project development data, and prepare detailed operation instructions or user manuals.    
II. Tracking of old products:    
1. Improve and perfect the old products.    
2. Carry out daily quality tracking for the products in charge, solve the technical problems in the production process in time, propose 
solutions for the products with design defects in time and organize the implementation.   
III. feedback on the market:    
1. Analyze the customer satisfaction questionnaire, analyze, rectify and improve the customer's suggestions.    
2. Assist the sales department in the after-sales service.   
 Face to face  Application method:  1. Interested parties can apply directly to the personnel department of the company


Application method:  
1. Interested parties can apply directly to the personnel department of the company.  
2. Address:  No.39, Aerospace Economic & Technical Development Zone, Chang'an District,Xi'an,China 710100
3. Tel: 029-68895030 
4. Online application method: send resume to: 1181707127@qq.com



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